Our story

Aztlan Untold.

There was once a mythical place, so pure and peaceful that evil or greed was unknown. They were proud of their traditions and culture. Here lived all kinds of tribes, from the bravest warriors (The Mexica) to the most peaceful beings called "Nahuatlaca" (Nahua people), who despite being very wise and peaceful beings were those who were responsible for maintaining the peace and security of all tribes along with the Mexica warrior allies. Thanks to their knowledge in magic, they maintained a balance between nature and man so that they could live centuries and centuries in harmony.

Koki (Koh-ki)

A rock creatures, better known as Golems. Most of them are grumpy and but they like being in the company of small animals.


The Nahuatlaca leader. He is the leader of the seven tribes that settled down in Aztlan. He is the most powerful of the Shamans, and was the first to establish a defense on the shores of Azltan.

Protect your lands

and treasures

Time to Fight back to protect Aztlan from invaders. Use magic, cannons, arrows and all kinds of weapons to eliminate the enemy in a mystical battle.


A magical creature that was banished to live in the mountains. Even though his existence is currently unknown, and only the memory of the magical battle that was fought years ago remains.